Who Should be Vaccinated First?

The pandemic has led to a race to create a vaccine for COVID-19. While there seem to be some effective solutions on the horizon, the question is who should be given the COVID-19 vaccine first? People around the world continue to have their everyday lives changed by the pandemic, with many people becoming seriously ill and dying. The harm done to the economies of every country is a problem that will continue to do damage for many years.

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Persistent Symptoms After Coronavirus Recovery

The global pandemic has seen unprecedented numbers of people around the world struck down with symptoms including fatigue, breathing difficulties, fever, loss of smell or taste, and more. These symptoms have often become far more serious in people from higher-risk groups.While the majority of people will recover from the worst of these symptoms, there seems to be some evidence of some symptoms persisting after COVID-19 coronavirus recovery. Evidence is fairly limited at the moment, but more studies are being undertaken to learn the size of this problem.

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