Breakthrough Weekly Diabetes Treatment?

Adherence is always a challenge when treating any medical condition. There are millions of people dealing with the daily burden of Type 2 diabetes, and the injections that entails. The care of diabetes sufferers requires continuous insulin treatments, and this needs to be maintained accurately in order to keep them safe. Mistakes in dosage, and missing injections, can lead to blood sugar levels falling outside target levels. This can result in a reduction of the effectiveness of the treatment and a worsening of the patient’s health. Injecting with insulin is often inconvenient and a barrier to adherence of their treatment. Many people don’t like having injections, let alone doing them every day to themselves.

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Drinking Green Tea and Coffee Lowers Mortality Risk

Research in the journal Stroke provides evidence that drinking green tea can reduce multiple causes of death as well as preventing further cardiovascular problems in stroke and heart attack patients. The research also found that coffee drinkers who have suffered a heart attack also lower their risk of death. Even in healthy individuals, coffee is shown to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

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Sleep Pattern Determine Your Stress Levels

Many people lack the medical knowledge off the serious effects of stress. Stress is one of the most common contributors that leads to physical and mental illnesses. According to the American Institute of Stress, “53% of all Americans are stressed during the day.” Studies have shown indicators that the proper pattern of sleep can reduce stress.

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