Drinking Green Tea and Coffee Lowers Mortality Risk

Research in the journal Stroke provides evidence that drinking green tea can reduce multiple causes of death as well as preventing further cardiovascular problems in stroke and heart attack patients. The research also found that coffee drinkers who have suffered a heart attack also lower their risk of death. Even in healthy individuals, coffee is shown to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

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Sleep Pattern Determine Your Stress Levels

Many people lack the medical knowledge off the serious effects of stress. Stress is one of the most common contributors that leads to physical and mental illnesses. According to the American Institute of Stress, “53% of all Americans are stressed during the day.” Studies have shown indicators that the proper pattern of sleep can reduce stress.

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Prevent Cognitive Decline by Learning Another Language?

Research published in Neuropsychologia, the international journal covering behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, seems to indicate speaking more than one language reduces cognitive decline. It shows that active speakers of multiple languages gain some level of protection to their cognitive function.

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Approved Treatment Options For Covid-19

According to CNN, “the United States has the potential for the exponential spread of Covid-19.” A former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official suggests that the hardest part of fighting the virus is yet to come. With a rise in daily cases, many health officials and people alike are looking for proven treatment options. There has been a few treatment options for Covid-19 circulating in the news, but the following blog post discusses factual treatment that actually combats the virus. Keep reading more details below to discover your best defense against Covid-19.

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