Dealing With COVID-19 Mental Health

The unprecedented sequence of events that were caused by the coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. With the official figures reporting nearly 4 million dead from COVID, and the real death toll likely to be significantly higher than that, many people’s lives have been ended. But even those who haven’t been infected with coronavirus or didn’t suffer too badly when they did, have suffered in other ways. People have had to change their daily routine in often very dramatic ways.

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Breakthrough Weekly Diabetes Treatment?

Adherence is always a challenge when treating any medical condition. There are millions of people dealing with the daily burden of Type 2 diabetes, and the injections that entails. The care of diabetes sufferers requires continuous insulin treatments, and this needs to be maintained accurately in order to keep them safe. Mistakes in dosage, and missing injections, can lead to blood sugar levels falling outside target levels. This can result in a reduction of the effectiveness of the treatment and a worsening of the patient’s health. Injecting with insulin is often inconvenient and a barrier to adherence of their treatment. Many people don’t like having injections, let alone doing them every day to themselves.

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