Reviews – Fake Reviews is an internet pharmacy that appears to originate from Spain. They would like everyone to associate them with the United States. But they are more likely to originate from Spain or even France than the US. The fact that they have an American phone number doesn’t mean anything.

Read more » Reviews – Fake Reviews Reviews – Genuine Canadian Pharmacy is a Canadian internet pharmacy that gets most things right. It offers a price match guarantee, high-quality drugs sourced from trustworthy suppliers in Canada and other countries, fast deliveries, and a 30-day return policy that eliminates the risk associated with any purchase you make from this store.

Read more » Reviews – Genuine Canadian Pharmacy Reviews – Another Happy Family Store Scam is an online drugstore that is seemingly owned by ‘Happy Family Store’, a company that is associated with various internet pharmacies. Such associations are only positive when the company in question is reputable and trustworthy. But the ‘Happy Family Store’ name tends to attract suspicion. Their connection to this site is not a good thing.

Read more » Reviews – Another Happy Family Store Scam Reviews – Not Worth Anything is either German or Chinese. The online drugstore’s origins haven’t been verified. But that isn’t the only factor preventing people from trusting them. The website’s entire profile is shady, so much so that it is difficult to find a single redeeming quality in their operations.

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