Purerxpills.com Reviews – Better than Others?

Trust Level35%

Some medical websites are genuine drug dispensaries. Others are outright scams. Purerxpills.com falls somewhere in between the two. It isn’t so shady that you have to ignore it altogether. But there are some questions regarding the way it does business.

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Drmedstore.com Reviews – New Scam Operation

Trust Level25%

Drmedstore.com is a medical website that peddles sexual enhancers. They pretend to sell other products but sexual enhancers are their only interest. This isn’t necessarily a problem. There are plenty of internet pharmacies that sell sexual enhancers. But of those that do not sell any other drugs besides sexual enhancers, the majority are suspicious.

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Medvantxrx.com Reviews – Experienced, Versatile, and Reliable

Trust Level65%

Medvantxrx.com is an American-based internet pharmacy that helps individuals and companies secure the best healthcare plans. They are licensed to operate in every single state of the United States. Customers appreciate them because the website allows them to access drugs at affordable prices. Companies enjoy their services because the portal is very useful in the development of healthcare plans for their employees.

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Fastrxcenter.com Reviews – Bigger Risk Than You Can Imagine

Trust Level20%

Fastrxcenter.com is a bland, uninspiring pharmacy that acts like it sells legit medical products online. Some people will fall for its act. But, fortunately, the majority will notice that it isn’t quite as authentic as it claims to be. There are plenty of scams on the internet masquerading as reliable drug dispensaries. However, this one does a poor job of hiding its weaknesses. It doesn’t take you long to realize that it can’t be trusted.

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Itashopo.com Reviews – Stinks to High Heaven

Trust Level25%

Itashopo.com is a strange medical site of unknown origins that wants to sell you drugs. They meet and transact with their clients over the internet. And unlike many of their more legitimate counterparts, they ship to most countries around the world. There is almost no limit to their reach.

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