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Trust Level30%

Order-RxPills.com claims to be an online Canadian medical store which has served more than one million customers so far. The website also claims about quality, price, and privacy. Not only they claim to offer 100% guaranteed fast delivery, but also they deem to provide low prices on their medicines. Now, in this article, we are going to validate if these claims are true or not. Thus, please keep on reading the entire review and know more details about this drugstore in the below sections.

Domain Details
Origin Countryunknown
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameHappy Family Store
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingfor orders over $200
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkyes
Western Unionno

Domain Info

Coming to domain information of this online internet pharmacy, we have found that the site has registered its domain in the year 2019. Well, it’s quite evident that the website is a complete newbie. They do not have any experience in this underlying industry as the domain is only about a few months old. The domain will be expired by 2020-03-29. The registrant contact details are also mentioned too which look like that the domain registrant belongs to Moscow, Russia. The following address details are provided on the website of WhoIs – Street: PO box 87, REG.RU Protection Service, City: Moscow, Postal Code: 123007, Country: Russia.


Business Profile

The business profile of this online drugstore looks very suspicious. That’s why we can’t really recommend this pharmacy to any customers. According to ScamAdviser, the platform has a low trust rating. The trust score of this platform is provided as 24% which is much below than the expected rating. Such a low and pathetic trust score further implies that you can’t rely on this platform. The address of the business owner is given as following – PO box 87, REG.RU Protection Service, Moscow, Russia, Postal Code: 123007. The possible country likelihood is not mentioned. But, it looks like the site is operating from Russia which is a high-risk country. What’s more, the website is using some kind of proxy services to mask their original identity. The website speed is quite slow and annoying too. To summarize, the business profile details of this internet pharmacy do not have any positive highlights at all.


All the negative aspects of this drugstore are summarized below:

   The business profile of this online pharmacy looks risky and suspicious

   The website is not revealing its original identity

   The website does offer a very slow speed which can be quite annoying for the users

Regulatory Approvals

rogueThe regulatory approval details of this online pharmacy do not provide any positive information. For example, although the website claims to be a reliable Canadian drugstore, they do not have any approval from CIPA. According to CIPA, the platform has failed to fulfill its verification standards. The platform neither dispenses their products from licensed pharmacies, not they sell good quality medicines. That’s why it’s not a CIPA-complaint pharmacy website. Additionally, we have even checked and found out that the website is not approved by LegitScript too. According to LegitScript, it’s a rogue pharmacy which is running a deceitful business. Considering all of these details, it will be advisable that you should better be careful and avoid this pharmacy. Even if they offer low drug pricing, please do not attempt to purchase their medicines. Now, know more about their drugs and the pricing details in the next section.

Products and Pricing

The platform claims to sell their medicines across various categories. Some of the common drug categories include antiviral, antidepressant, antibiotics, cholesterol, general health, healthy bones, and much more too. The pricing of these medicines is quite low but we suspect that these drugs aren’t of good quality.


Payment and Shipping

The following credit card based payment options is accepted, such as MasterCard, AmEx, Visa, Diners Club, JCB, E-Checks, and Discover. You have to use any of the aforementioned credit cards to place an order with this drugstore. There are two types of shipping policies, such as EMS Courier Delivery and standard Airmail Shipping. The delivery timeline for EMS is 3-8 business days. And, the delivery time period for standard Airmail shipping service is 2-3 weeks.



No testimonial of this online pharmacy has been found on the website of TrustPilot. As for the site testimonials, they seem to be copy-pasted and robotic.

might be fake


Well, Order-RxPills.com is a newbie site (recently launched) which has no approvals. They mostly deal with poor quality generic drugs. The platform isn’t a safe or legit site. We have rated it with a 30% trust rating.

Possible Alternatives

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