Reviews – Misleading is just like millions of pharmacy e-stores in the world today, that promises customers high-quality brand and generic health-care products from reputable manufacturers and licensed pharmacists. The products also come at lowest prices, worldwide shipping and privacy security. However, either by design or lack of imagination, this online drugstore shares the same “about” information with two online pharmacies.

Domain Details
Origin CountryNetherlands
Business Profile
Pharmacy NameCanadian Pharmacy
Licenses, and Approvals
Pharmacy Checkerno
Customer Support
Shipping Options
Regular Mailyes
Express Shippingyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Modes
Credit/Debit Cardyes
E-Check/Personal checkno
Western Unionno

Domain Info

registered in 2017The domain was recently registered on September 27th, 2021, less than a year old. Its expiry date will be a year from its date of registration, 2022, just less than 4 months at the point of writing. There is no evidence of the domain’s registrant contact information, besides Zuid-Holland, Netherlands as the location. While the Netherlands is provided as the registrant’s location, the domain’s server location is in France.

The next step in the review of this online pharmacy is assessing its website security, which the online pharmacy claim is secured and safe. Unfortunately, the result from the website analysis or SSL scan showed the website connection isn’t secured, and users’ information is far from safe or secured. The insecurity of this website, in addition to the domain, recently registered, and no information on the registrant whatsoever, emphasize why users shouldn’t interact with this pharmacy website.

Business Profile

Transparency of a business, either a brick and mortar store or an e-store, is important and improves customers’ trust and confidence in them. Canadian Pharmacy is identified as the name of this online drugstore, but there isn’t any other information about the business, either on the employees or employer(s). The only information is a set of two telephone numbers, which interestingly, it shares with two other pharmacy websites.

low trust

The absence of business information on the website further raises questions about the credibility of the online pharmacy.

Regulatory Approvals

At the bottom of this pharmacy website, it says that it is licensed, with the license number 11597108. It doesn’t indicate which regulatory body gave this license. Furthermore, at the top-left of the pharmacy website, a logo of the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, can be seen, although un-clickable.


The FDA database was searched, and the online pharmacy isn’t licensed. The inclusion of this logo is likely intended to mislead customers into thinking the pharmacy e-store is certified by FDA. This is in bad faith and also cast great doubt on the license number available on the pharmacy website, which is more likely random numbers and fake.

In addition, the online pharmacy LegitScript rating is “rogue”, denoting involvement in malpractices like the sale of prescription drugs without prescriptions, and other involvements in scam activities. Lastly, the online drugstore isn’t recognized by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and is not on its list of recommended pharmacy lists.

Products and Pricing

Some of the drug categories offered by this online drugstore, at “lowest prices”, include:

popular drugs




  Heart Disease

  Muscle Relaxants, etc.

Payment Method

The credit cards payment is accepted by this online drugstore and includes:




  American Express

Shipping Method

There are two shipping methods used by this online pharmacy store: Airmail and Express Mail Service (EMS).

airmail and ems

Airmail delivery takes 2-3 business weeks. It costs $9.95 for orders below $200 but is free otherwise. EMS is faster, with delivery time between 3-8 business days. It costs $29.95 for orders below $300, otherwise, it is free.

Customer Reviews

There are exactly 20 positive reviews of this online pharmacy products and services on its website. The online pharmacy also shares similar reviews with many other rogue online drugstores.


Online drugstores with distinct websites and domains shouldn’t share this many similarities, including reviews. This makes the reviews fake and misleading.


Everything about this online pharmacy reeks and screams scam. First, it is a clone of two different online drugstores, sharing information like “about”, telephone numbers, and reviews, to mention a few. Next, and equally important, the pharmacy website connection isn’t secured, meaning possible theft and misuse of customers’ information. In addition, there isn’t any information on the domain’s registrant of the business on the pharmacy website.

Furthermore, the online pharmacy isn’t approved or certified by any regulatory bodies, which include LegitScript, NABP and FDA. Its LegitScript rating also identifies the online pharmacy as a scam pharmacy website. In conclusion, this pharmacy store was created to mislead and scam customers, hence it will be identified as a scam and given 25% of trust.

Possible Alternatives

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